Monday, December 30, 2013

The Skinny

I have to admit, I'm REALLY dubious about this whole skinny jean thing.

BUT I've been working on embracing leggings and tights lately and in doing so I have noticed a wardrobe hole that would be pretty well filled by some skinny jeans - that being the one where I'M WARM, winter hasn't been too bad so far but February in New York can be pretty brutal - so I'm trying to look at them as really beefy leggings.

I have some guidance for wearing skinny jeans as a petite woman and some really comfortable stilettos in my closet (did I seriously just say that?), so I'm taking the chance.

I had a fair number of reward points built up with Old Navy and decided to splurge on some skinny jeans. By splurge I mean that after points, free shipping, and the current 15% off discount code I spent $13 on jeans, two dresses, and some purple microfiber stockings, but any spending post-holiday feels a little painful.

I ended up grabbing a pair of The Rockstar Skinny Glitter Jeans in black. Normally I wear their Sweetheart cut, but they *say* Rockstar is universally flattering. Worst case scenario there's always in-store returns, right?

I'm also strongly considering a pair of their new Demi Boot jeans as I do love a good cigarette pant with a heel, but I had already eaten up my points with this order so those shall have to wait.

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