Saturday, December 7, 2013

PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS Itty-bitty living space

I have a strong sense of fashion
I love (and collect) makeup, hairdye, heels, and nailpolish
I am drawn to shocking colour but also appreciate the classic simplicity and flexibility of neutrals
I have a fair grasp of what looks good on my frame
I love tailored structural pieces and edgy combinations
my crafting background (particularly in sewing) gives me a deep appreciation for design and construction

I know what I like, and I like looking good.

So why do I walk around looking like an unkempt schlub 70% of the year???

I have no idea, but I can tell you what prompted the question now, or at least a few of the contributing factors.

Continued after the cut.

So it all hinged on a really cold day, and a Pinterest re-pin of an interview between Renee Ruin and this lady: one Stephanie Brown of

This is the image from her About Me page, so I hope ganking will be cool provided proper attributions

I thought she looked fabulous and edgy in the Pinned shot and decided to check out the interview and her blog. Her style is not precisely in line with mine, but I still found it neat and inspiring and I thought it well worth subscribing and digging through back posts.

What struck me most (as I sat in my computer chair: typing with blue fingers and swaddled against the chill in a pullover, jeans, and a shaggy Batman throw) was how she managed to look BOTH warm and decidedly NOT like a bag lady in the chilly climes of her native Leicester, England. I follow fashion blogs from a few people on the west coast, but SoCal style is only going to go so far for a cold sensitive person facing a New York winter.

I am built for warm weather and so clothing-wise I think I do fairly okay in the summer. I love dresses and sandals so my purchases lean heavily this way. In the summer people can also see what I'm wearing without the additional three layers of protective gear on top of it all.

But during the winter?

Old woman (witch or fairy) spinning. Woodcut attributed to Holbein from Boethius De consolatione philosophiae 1547.

My cold weather style is probably best described as "my Mom dresses me" chic. Sensible unisex shoes, heavy jeans, cotton layering tee topped off with a baggy hoodie or V-neck sweater and a scarf. I do have a few heavy coats I like, but I typically default to a long black puffy coat.

Perfect at five, not so awesome at thirty five
Littlehorn kids fashion via
Summer style doesn't apply, so apparently I just stop bothering to apply any style whatsoever. Stephanie's blog was a wake up call that my fashion sense doesn't have to go into storage with my bathing suit.

I became suddenly and violently frustrated with my winter wardrobe. Bonfires figured prominently in a Facebook post - and so I resolved to do, um... something? about it post-haste. I've been working on overhauling my makeup lately (why and how exactly will be the subject of more than one future post, I suspect) so I guess it's not too surprising that my clothes would be next on the block.

This is all fresh and raw so the specific details of how exactly I'm to fix this are hazy, but I do love a good blog. I've been having a great deal of fun crafting my tastes with Pinterest and I figured if I make this similarly public and interactive I can hopefully dig up more resources and connect with like-minded people, so a blog seemed the next logical step.

Next up:
If I am too embarrassed to post a pic of it here, I probably shouldn't have worn it in the first place: an exercise in self perception.

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