Monday, December 9, 2013

Behold the power of embarrassment!

When the format of this blog began to crystallize (sometime last Tuesday-ish) I immediately thought of the TLC show What Not To Wear.

If you've never seen the show: they pick a person to makeover and follow them around for a few days getting pics of their day-to-day wear. Stylist/hosts Stacey and Clinton surprise them by showing (and picking apart) this footage in front of a giant group of friends, and then through the magic of television we all accompany the makeover-ee on a shopping spree with tips tailored to their frame, tastes, and lifestyle. This culminates in a big reveal in front of the same crowd who got to see the embarrassing secret footage.

(Results not typical)

I've gotten a lot of solid info from the show over the years, so I figured if I was looking to overhaul my wardrobe I could do a lot worse than to follow that same formula. Over the course of the week I started taking daily shots of my outfits and learned some pretty important things.

Continued after the cut.

Thing 1) I have one full length mirror in this apartment and it is nearly fun-house level TERRIBLE
Thing 2) the lighting in here (did I mention it is a basement apartment?) also stinks
3) taking non-awkward cameraphone selfies is a magical super-power (it doesn't help that I'm kind of an awkward person)
4) I am embarrassed to publicly display the outfits I already... publicly... display?

*cue loud record scratch noise*

I'm willing to wear things in public where everyone can see me but not, you know, IN PUBLIC.

Where everyone can SEE ME.

Yeeeeeahhhhhh, once I made that realization it was all over. If I'm going to wear it I had better either embrace what I'm doing wholeheartedly or fix it because I am officially not fooling anyone.

(BESIDE me that is)

Next up:
The unkempt schlub nitty gritty! Pics, thoughts, and probably a fair amount of wincing.


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    1. *laughs* Sadly what's next up can't very well be termed "fashion", but that's why we're here in the first place!

  2. >> *cue loud record scratch noise*

    1. Hilariously, even though google knows who I am, and asked me to sign in to comment, blogspot doesn't know who I am? oh wells. -- Laura