Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jus by Julie Cleanse - Three juiced up days

Trying something a little different this week and I figured I'd share. A friend of mine did a three day juice cleanse a couple of weeks ago and I decided to give it a shot, so I'm going to do a few posts here over the next few days about how I'm doing on it.

I had a roommate that would do the Master Cleanse from time to time and that is just WAAAAAYY too much cleanse for me. A) I don't tolerate spicy things very well B) All you get to ingest is spicy C) Did I mention spicy? Enough about that though, on to what I'm actually doing.

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I liked this cleanse because it doesn't involve any sort of *ahem* flushing - I'm going to let you research that for yourself, it's only three days long, you can have coffee or tea in moderation which is MEGA IMPORTANT for me, it's aimed at health rather than weight loss, and you're drinking different things throughout the day.

Basically you get eighteen bottles of various blended juices designed to be spread out over the three days. You drink them in the order listed on the bottles. There are a couple of change-ups, but for the most part each day is the same set of six juices. Here's their FAQ for more detailed information.

The cleanse is fairly expensive, $150.00 before discount (plus shipping) for three days. My friend had gotten a Groupon deal which was expired by the time I looked but I did find a Living Social deal for it. That is also now expired but I'm sure if you keep an eye out another will pop up.

I set up have my juices delivered this past Friday, and they came in a rather nice insulated bag which I put in the freezer to keep the juices good until today when I planned to use them (remember this bit, it will come up later).

My day got mega delayed today between getting up late and a field trip to my wedding venue for measurements, so I'm currently only on my fourth of the six blends. While I'll leave reviews of the individual juices for tomorrow I will say that it is both very filling and ENTIRELY too sweet for my tastes.

Oh, and you better like bananas (Spoiler alert: guess who doesn't like bananas).

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