Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Monday

In the interest of getting back in the swing of blogging I'm going to try a weekly wrap up thinger.

Spider cocoon by NataliaDrepina
Get it? Wrap up? Get it?
A lot of times I feel like the individual stuff I'm doing doesn't really rate a full blog post but it would probably still be nice to actually mention what the heck I'm doing lately.

So lets see...

I went to a Masquerade Ball on the 30th in Salem MA and apparently I still clean up pretty good.

Here's the full outfit with a necklace swap and also a husband (mine, in case you were wondering).
I owned the leather coat (I'll look up the brand when I get home), the mask and skirt came from Amazon, the boots are from Miz Mooz. The necklace above came from my mom's jewellery stash, the other necklace I have had as costume jewellery since I was a very small child.

The skirt has a big waist bow but it didn't work with this outfit so I left it untied. It was surprisingly nice for an Amazon cheepie skirt - to the extent that I'm seriously considering the black version of the same. I FINALLY broke out our garment steamer (wedding gift) and as a person who kind of hates ironing it was everything I ever dreamed it could be.

My HS bestie and all around amazing person Christa tipped me off to this event in the first place and if you poke around the event pics you'll see she cleans up pretty damn good too. It was a lot of fun and I am totally doing it again next year.

My main crafty project this week was to finish organizing my embroidery floss which is no small task when you do Heaven and Earth Designs cross stitching as they tend to have upward of 90 colours each. I started getting the fabric set up for my next big project and finally got back to stitching on Portrait With a Spiderling.

Oh, uh, I also got a tattoo.

More on that when it has more... on that.
It's at outline stage at the moment, which IS pretty cool, but a) its really hard to take pics of your own arm and b) I don't think pics would do the final design any justice. Also it's peely right now and that's never very pretty.

For now I will say that I am working with John Lally at Masquerade Tattoo in Ridge NY and it's FREAKING AWESOME (but currently very itchy).
John also does amazing fine art and if you poke around his website a bit you might find a familiar face.

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