Friday, January 9, 2015

Boston, we have a problem.

Shoes and bag arrived today from Fashion Project and they ARE quite lovely and in good repair.

The shoes are a lovely rosy pink with a decided iridescent golden sheen and NO sole wear (even on the heel) and while the bag could use some leather conditioner and some time with padding in it, I'm pretty sure that it has never been used. The inside is pristine.


The shoes are two different sizes and show different amounts of (extremely light) wear (closet aging maybe? Mostly I noticed the leather on the sole is different colours).

One of these things is not like the otherOne of these things just doesn't belong.

Now admittedly I wear either a six and a half or seven depending on the shoe, and the size difference DOES match up side-wise with the slight size difference in my feet, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if I could just wear them as is... but this is just silly.

On the plus side it gives me the opportunity to try on both of my usual sizes and see which works better! The shoes are so open I suspect it will be the six and a half (i.e. the size I actually ordered), but you never know. I'm just glad I didn't get these *for* anything so the time delay with whatever shipping I'll have to do won't mess me up.

I'm actually looking at a Tadashi Shoji dress on the site for an event in the Spring but I think we'll see how it goes talking with customer service before I buy anything else.

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