Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nail Art Challenge #19 Harvest

A skittle manicure in the colours of the North Eastern fall.

This manicure was inspired by crunchy leaves and festive knobbly decorative gourds. I wasn't 100% sure that the colours were going to work together (or look at all good on me) until I finished, but in the end I was extremely happy with the transition.

I'm generally way more into cool colours, but I have been playing with bronze tones as neutrals a lot lately as an introduction to warmer colours, and I feel like pulling this off gives me a lot more license to play with warm tones.

Random bonus shot:

Prior to the above mani my nails were possibly the longest they've ever been without the assistance of silk wraps. The polish colour here is two coats of Starlight Polish Phoenix which shows a flame orange sparkle in the bottle and in sunlight but mostly looks like an acid green sparkle in pictures.

I kept them this long through helping someone move, and then broke the last quarter inch off of the ring finger getting out of my car. :/

For the best really as using a smartphone with nails this long is intensely annoying.

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