Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sick, ill, and other adjectives not related in any way to 90s rap

Picture: SOLENT

The plan for something like three days ago was to give a rundown of some of the neat makeup and beauty stuff I've picked up in recent days, but I got so sick starting Thursday that I don't want to get anywhere near my makeup or brushes, much less take detailed pictures of what I look like right now.

On the plus side uh, I'm finally playing around with my new (to me) netbook, and my hair is doing interesting things?

It just does this on is own. I wish I could harness the power of my roots because they are mighty!
Seriously though, I haven't forgotten about you and I've gotten some really neat stuff I want to share.

More when I'm  not glued to my bed, a teacup, and a box of tissues.

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