Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Fresh Start

2014 Nail Art Challenge #1 - A Fresh Start

An ultra simple minty springy mermaidy manicure on freshly chopped nails. I knew I wanted to use a bright springy green creme colour for this but I've worn that green before and I just picked up the blue. Happily the glitter has a subtle green flash to it which coordinates beautifully.

The blue seems to be quite brittle and I'm getting a lot of chipping on corners already. I think part of it is that I may do a bit too much typing to keep my corners at all square (squoval?). I think I'm going to turn this into a French with the green on the tips to see if that will extend it. I may use that for my January Lacquor Legion entry (January's theme - Reinvention) but I do also have another idea for that I may be fiddling with. I have a couple of weeks to decide.

I've also finally gotten my camera up and running! Nothing too sexy, just a several year old Canon Powershot, but unlike my iPhone it does macro shots which is obviously better for these hand pics. I think I need to set up a tripod and timer for the outfit shots though as everything I've tried to take so far looks like ghost photography.

Weird factlet about me: that's actually the shortest I can cut my nails right now. After growing them for a while as the "quick" of my nail-bed will actually grow out past the tip of my fingers. This is called an extended hyponychium. Right now this is only happening on my thumbs and pointers but the longer I keep my nails long the more of them it affects (never the ring fingers though *shrugs*). If I want them any shorter I have to cut them back gradually as the nail bed retracts.

Bonus info: if you ever want to have a queasy stomach for a bit I recommend that you do a Google image search for scientific/medical terms having to do with nails!

If you want to play along feel free to jump in at any point!
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